Xtra compression:

compressive fabric, muscle stability and effective blood circulation.

Mono density padding:
lightweight anatomic anti-allergenic padding for short to mid distances.

Compression print:
localized compression for optimal support of the muscle group.

Dual density padding:
re-enforced anatomic anti-allergenic padding for mid to long distances.

Water repellent:
water repellent fabric, fast drying.

Attentive care:
delicate fabric or color, pay attention to care instructions.

Welded seams:
thread-less seams for even less friction and more comfort.

Ergo pocket:
pocket positioned for easy access and no nuisance.

chlorine resistant fabric.

Aeration cooling system:
aeration, cooling and sweat evacuation panels.

Night vision:
reflective inserts and/or fabrics allowing for night time visibility.


direct and permanent color and design prints onto the fabric.

Core control:
inside control prints for extra abdominal support.

UV Protection:
UPF 50+ fabric.