Join the Kiwami Racing Team in 2019! Applications are open!

Kiwami North America, in association with several partnering sponsors, is excited to announce it has decided to expand its Racing Team roster for 2019. Candidates residing in Canada or the USA, from any athletic background, are invited to send their application.

Who can apply?

You’re a runner, triathlete, trail runner and have a passion for endurance sports? You like to share your experience with your teammates, and you bring a positive and supportive attitude to the gang? Then you fit right in. Join the 2019 Kiwami Racing Team!

Do I have to be fast?

No. Whether you are a seasoned elite endurance athlete (we always include a few pros), a busy mom, dad, student chasing a dream, a weekend warrior, or you simply enjoy a good sweat while swimming, biking, or running, then Kiwami Racing Team would be happy to welcome you.

We value passion and team spirit over results. A podium finish is amazing, and we want to hear all about it, but we also want to hear about the journey, because that’s what it is about.

Can I apply if I live in Canada?

Yes. Our team is limited to athletes with a residence either in Canada or the US of A.

Can I apply if I live in Europe?

Kiwami has 2 teams in Europe: Team Germany/Switzerland and Team France. Their application process is not closed yet. You can find the link here

How much does it cost?

Applying for the team is FREE! However, we have a fee of $180 for all selected athletes. The membership runs from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.

When will I know if I got accepted, and how do I pay?

All selected members can expect to hear from us before Christmas. Once selected, you will receive a link for the payment.

What does the fee cover?

1 Kiwami race kit: your pick among entire collection including our elite suits.

2 Kiwami swimsuits (training / casual)

1 Team Kiwami Podium Polo

1 Team Kiwami Tech Tee

50% Off Kiwami Aquarush Swimskin

50% Off 1 Kiwami cycling kit (bibs and Jersey)

30% discount on all other Kiwami products

Custom printing of name or personal sponsors

Social media shout outs to all team members at the beginning of the season

Regular posts highlighting the team’s achievement throughout the season

Get-together organized by Kiwami Europe/US at IM 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France, and in Kona, HI

Discounts with Kiwami Racing partners

Note: If you are an endurance athlete hopping around from mountain tops to mountain tops, we will happily swap a Kiwami race kit for a Kiwami Equilibrium Trail top and bottom!

Who are Kiwami Racing partners?

Kiwami has partnered up with world-class brands to offer its team members special deals. Partners include Felt Bicycles, Polar, Precision Hydration, Alto Cycling, and SciCon travel bike bags. We are very excited to bring them on board and are very thankful for their support for 2019 (more details on their contributions will be announced later).

What does Kiwami expect from its team?

Have fun and smile!

Race clean, because #doperssuck!

Race exclusively with your Kiwami race kit (trisuit or trail suit) unless there is a conflict with Tri Federation.

Plan to race at least 4 endurance sport events in 2019.

Offer feedback on Kiwami gear, when available. Team Kiwami members will be an integral part of our R&D process.

Support Kiwami’s sales or new product launches by reposting on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page. We don’t expect you to create an account if you don’t have one, but if you do, we’d expect you to support Kiwami.

Post regularly about Kiwami and the team across your social media platforms (FB, IG, TW - Instagram or Facebook stories don’t count!) about your training, racing, and overall journey. Tag @kiwamitri on your posts and mention #KiwamiRacing

Wear your Kiwami apparel whenever possible.

Tag our partners in your posts whenever you can. They have worked with us to provide you with deals, so let’s return the favor.

Be active on our private Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, you will be added to the private Facebook page. Share your story, journey, lessons learned, results, ask for tips, feedback, etc.

Let us know where you’re racing. A lot of us end up doing the same races. If Kiwamies are at the same event, let’s meet.

Can I be on another triathlon brand team?

If you are on the Kiwami Racing team, we ask you to represent Kiwami only.

Can I be on the local triathlon club?

Yes. And if there’s one near you, join it. It makes training more fun and (sometimes) less difficult :)