Join the Kiwami NA Racing Team in 2020! - Applications are open.

We are excited to invite you to apply to our Ambassadors Team for the coming season. 2019 has been a very successful one and we hope to build on this experience to assemble an even stronger team.

Who can apply?

You’re a runner, triathlete, trail runner and have a passion for endurance sports? You like to share your experience with your teammates, and you bring a positive and supportive attitude to the gang? Then you fit right in! Join the 2020 Kiwami Racing team!

Do I have to be fast?

No. Whether you are a seasoned elite endurance athlete, a busy mom, dad, student chasing a dream, a weekend warrior, or you simply enjoy a good sweat while swimming, biking, or running, then Kiwami Racing wants you!

We value passion and team spirit over results! A podium finish is amazing and we want to hear all about it, but we also want to hear about your journey, because that’s what it is about!

How much does it cost?

The participation to be a team member is $250.

When will I know if I got accepted, and how do I pay?

All selected members can expect to hear from us mid to end of November. Once selected, you will receive a link for the payment

What does the fee cover?

  • For women, 1 Kiwami Tokyo kit from our different options (long distance, short distance, 2-pieces).

  • For men, 1 Kiwami Spider2 kit from our different options (long distance, short distance, 2-pieces).

  • 1 Kiwami Swimsuit (1-piece or 2-pieces for women, boxer style for men)

  • 1 Kiwami Hoodie + 1 Kiwami NA Racing Team Tech Tee.

  • 50% off 1 Kiwami cycling kit (bibs and Jersey)

  • 25% discount on all other Kiwami products.

  • Social media shout outs to all new team members at the beginning of the season

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • Regular posts highlighting the team’s achievement throughout the season

  • Rebates from Kiwami NA Racing partners, including GU Energy Labs, Polar, Alto, and Scicon Bags. All those partners offer up to 40% off. More partners may join us in the near future. (additional partners are being sought out)

and new in 2020:

  • 40% off the all-new Kiwami Swift wetsuit

  • Preferential conditions (30% off) to join Kiwami NA Racing Team's training camp in St-George, UT in April 20. The camp is coached by Wes Johnson of Balance Art Multisport (BAM). All levels and abilities are welcomed. A phenomenal opportunity to hone your skills early in the season.

    When is the deadline to apply?
    Application window will close on November 15th.

    When will I know if I got accepted?
    Athletes will be notified starting the 3rd week of November

What does Kiwami NA expect from its team members ?

  • Have fun and smile : )

  • Race clean, because #doperssuck.

  • Race exclusively with your Kiwami NA issued race kit

  • Support Kiwami NA's effort in its social media outreach. Reposting on Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter are greatly appreciated. We don’t expect you to create an account if you don’t have one, but any effort will go a long way.

  • Tag @kiwamitriathlon on your posts and mention #KiwamiRacing

  • Wear your Kiwami NA issued apparel whenever possible.

  • Tag our partners in your posts whenever you can. They have worked with us to provide you with deals, so let’s return the favor.

  • Be active on our private Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, you will be added to the private Facebook page. Share your story, journey, lessons learned, results, ask for tips, feedback, etc.

  • Let us know where you’re racing. A lot of us end up doing the same races. If "Kiwamites" are at the same event, let’s meet!

Can I be on another triathlon brand team?
If you are on the Kiwami NA Racing team, we ask you to represent Kiwami only

Can I be on the local triathlon club?

Yes of course. Take advantage and show them your top racing kit :)

Where can I apply?

Here! Please click Here to apply